Steering Committee

The following lists the Steering Committee positions and the volunteers who currently hold these positions. The Steering Committee welcomes anyone who wishes to participate on this committee, either in a specific capacity or as a member at large. Please contact us at:

Steering Committee:

Chair – (Steering Committee members rotate this position every meeting)
Secretary – Carolyn
Treasurer – Janet
Social Media Coordinator – Annie
Liaison with City – Carolyn (liaise with Parks & Recreation, Transportation, Councillor’s office)
Liaison with Police – VACANT, contact us for details
Liaison with Stadium – Stephen, Donna, Karen
Liaison with Seniors Buildings – Janet
Liaison with Schools – Roseanne
Media Relations – Karen
Playground Rep – Kara
Tree Liaison – Elaine (liaise with Parks, Forestry and Adopt-a-Tree)
Fundraising Coordinator(s) – VACANT
Members at Large – Fotini, Frances, Michael, Vittorio