Jul 31st

Adopt a Tree

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adopt-a-park-treeAdopt a Tree in Monarch Park !

We are working with the LEAF in order to make this project happen.

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City staff will be doing the planting of the trees in October then we’ll assign each adopter a tree.

The commitment involves weekly watering, annual mulching, and occasional weeding. Adopters need to water their trees every week for their first four growing seasons (which is May to October.) We’re also signing up ‘foster families’ who can cover the adopters’ trees when they go out of town.

The City will be adding more water sources to the park along with their planting plan.  After we fill the provided jugs, we will have trundle buggies to roll them over to each tree. All of this gear will be locked to prevent vandalism and each adopter will have the code.

For mulching, the City will dump a truckload in the park each spring, much like the annual free compost.
We will hold an event – with every wheelbarrow in the neighbourhood! – to replenish the base of each new tree.

It’s a wise investment the City is making, helped by an organization called LEAF, to be sure most of these young trees survive.

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