You may have noticed the impressive structure recently constructed beside the rink. This is the beginning of our new butterfly garden which was requested by so many of you these past couple of years. What is yet to be added are a wheelchair accessible, matching cedar, picnic table, 2 park benches and the butterfly garden to surround it.

The plants have now arrived, and we are ready to begin some Fall planting. Colette, our Park Supervisor, has emailed to say that she has some beautiful Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) and Liatris (Blazing Star) to be planted. Apparently, it is not the right time of year to plant milkweed (Asclepias) so we will add that to the garden next spring.

Two Lead Gardeners are prepared to come out on a Saturday in October after the Thanksgiving weekend to help us plant and talk about the care and the maintenance of the Butterfly Garden.

I know that there are several people in the community who have expressed an interest in this activity, but we will unfortunately have to limit the numbers to a max of10-15 persons, in order to avoid the costs of a park permit ($200-ish) and because the plot at the present time is very small. So if gardening is your thing, and you want to participate in this event, please email asap to avoid disappointment.

New Lighting

Don’t be alarmed at all the equipment and white markings in the park – you may recall that in 2012 one of the first items that FoMP had requested from our surveys and community consultations was an audit of our lighting – and it looks like our dreams are about to come true!!!!

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