Jan 5th

Update on Community Meeting

ByFoMP Steering Committee | In Projects

On June 17, 2014 Friends of Monarch Park hosted an event where we invited the community to give us their suggestions.  Since then, the steering committee has taken steps to investigate these suggestions and updates are below.

Outdoor pool:

  • Keep the pool open during the dinner break as other city pools do. This is prime time for adults to swim.
  • Lane swimming for even 1 hour per day.

Update: these were discussed with Parks and Rec who indicated that neither of these 2 items could be done without changes to pool staffing and other complications relating to pool operations i.e. pool would have to take an hour from other public swimming.


  • Accessible shuffleboard
  • More picnic tables
  • Benches along the pathway so people with mobility issues can sit if tired or so people in wheelchairs or with walkers can sit with walkers and socialize
  • Park equipment (eg: games tables) for older children
  • Volleyball net

Update: 3 Additional benches have been installed and a 4th, long missing, has been replaced (on the western walk) and we will pursue additional benches along the main walkway. Steering Committee is working on accessible games tables and will pursue accessible shuffleboard at a later date.
Volleyball net can’t be installed unless the City replaces the asphalt rectangle which is not safe for volleyball right now.


  • Native plants (including edible plants) that attract bees and bats instead of the City plantings done annually
  • Milkweed (the type that is works best for Monarch butterflies)
  • Nature walks and tree tours (LEAF)

Update: We made a request for the 1st and 2nd items in 2014 and will have again added them to the list for the 2015 Park Tour with the Park Supervisor. Regarding tree tours, to date we have had 2 of these and in spring 2015, will contact LEAF for another. Stay tuned for more information.

Washrooms, Change Rooms, Hygiene:

  • Need family change room
  • Upgrade the change rooms and washroom and improve hygiene (eg: clean more often)

Update: These are all issues requiring the City’s attention and the Steering Committee will contact the management of the pool/rink in spring 2015, prior to the start of the pool season with simple proposal to help increase cleanliness.

Off Leash Area

  • Install and Information/Message Board in the OLA so dog owners can be kept up to date i.e soil and filling holes
  • Walkway to the OLA to be cleaned in winter (too icy last winter to get to OLA)
  • Gravel around water fountain in OLA (gets muddy now)

Update:  First item has been added to list for 2015 Park Tour. None of the park walkways are cleared in the winter. Third item has been added to 2015 Park Tour. (The City’s plan is to re-sod this area, rather than use gravel).

  • Pizza oven
  • Water and sand play area (as in Felstead), perhaps co-ordinated with wading pool
  • Involve Councillors from adjacent areas
  • Have and eye monitor and recognize unwanted activity outside of pool (eg: drug trafficking) and in park generally

Update: Steering Committee will work on the pizza oven, though it requires a grant application. Felstead Park is very close to Monarch Park for any who wish to access this feature, so the steering committee has de-prioritized this request. Involving adjacent councillors doesn’t have a clear value, so the steering committee has de-prioritized this request. The issue of general park security has been raised with the park supervisor in 2015 Park Tour.

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